Photo restoration, photo enhancement and photo colouring

Fluffy Button is now offering a photo restoration, photo enhancement and photo colouring service.

Every house has a box full of old photos. Some are starting to fade; others have rips, tears and scratches on them. If you have photographs like this, you should look about getting them restored. Our service prices start at €10.

Get a quote by emailing your photograph to hello AT – we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote on how much it will cost to restore your photograph.


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Which of these two images looks best to you?

It’s not a trick question. Have a look at the two images below and tell me is A or B look better on your screen? There is a subtle difference between them. Either leave a comment here or tweet @fluffybutton with either A or B.


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New Facebook Timeline infographic quick guide

New Facebook Timeline for Pages is here

Really excited about the changes announced for Facebook pages today.

I’m previewing what the Fluffy Button page will look and am getting to work on creating a cover images and new app icons, as well as getting used to the features.

One of the big changes is there is no default landing tab any more. The cover image is huge and there is great scope to use it to its full advantage and showcase your best products BUT Facebook are very explicit in what can and can’t be on the profile image. You are not allowed to include any information that would normally be on the about page or have big pointy arrows saying like our page.

I’ve put together this quick infographic which goes through all of these changes, along with some information about cover image size, app icons and timeline photos.

All pages will be upgraded to timeline on March 30th. If you need assistance in creating custom graphics do get in contact hello AT or you could get a free Facebook page makeover by showing your interest on this post on our Facebook page.


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Would you walk 3,000 miles for your idea?

Have you ever heard the story about how the London A-Z map book came about? No? Neither did I but it is quite extraordinary.

The woman that created the map was Phyllis Pearsall. She got lost on a rainy autumn evening in London in 1935. After that happened, she was determined never to get lost again, so she did the obvious thing – go to buy a map. Incredibly, the most up to date map she could find was 20 years out of date.

She decided to do something about it and embarked on what seems like a completely hair brained plan to map the streets of London. As a lady of leisure from a wealthy family she had plenty of time for the task which ended up taking a year. It was an extraordinary year. She would rise at 5 in the morning and walk street after street for 18 hours a day making a total of 23,000 street sketches. People would follow her around as word spread about this lady walking the streets drawing in a book. When all of the street work was done, Phyllis then set about creating a book from all of her work. She pretty much did everything by herself – choosing the paper for the book, the typeface, proofreading, designing the cover and coming up with the name (she called it A-Z because that’s all she could think of).

The next task was to take her masterpiece to bookshops and get it on the shelves. She got virtually no interest in her work. Undeterred, she decided to form a company to publish and distribute the book. She took a gamble on an initial print run of 10,000 copies even though she had no orders. Her first big order came from WH Smith who took batch of 250 on sale or return. These were delivered by Phyllis in a wheelbarrow!

The rest is history of course. The A-Z has gone on to be one of the all time bestsellers in publishing history with over 65 million copies sold, making Phyllis a millionaire.

Shows an incredible amount of determination on the part of Phyllis, or maybe foolhardiness? Printing 10,000 books in the 1930s without any orders definitely was an expensive undertaking. Not many would do it. Luckily, Phyllis was from a well to do background so money didn’t appear to be an obstacle.

One wonders if there was a Dragons’ Den back then, would Phyllis have got an investment? Would you have invested? Would you have walked 3,000 and taken a gamble on getting the books printed? Food for thought.

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Are you risking your Facebook page being shut down?


We’re running a competition on our Facebook page at the moment to find Ireland’s Mother’s Day Idol.

Basically, what we need is a photo that we can use to incorporate into the design of this “You are special” 20×16 inch print, and use on the website. Normally, it’s the stock photo route we have to use (and have used for the image above), but stock photographs never look “real”.

The purpose this blog post isn’t so much the competition, but the way it is being run. It is being done via an application tab on the Fluffy Button facebook page. Why an app? It’s simply to make sure we don’t fall foul of Facebook’s guideline regarding promotions.

I’m constantly amazed at the number of big brands out there who run competitions that require sharing of a post or uploading of a photograph and run the risk of having their page shut down by not following the rules. It’s not just businesses that are doing it, I’ve seen large media organisations in Ireland do the same thing. Running a competition that requires you to share a post, make a comment or post a picture is really easy. It helps with Edgerank as well, but it’s just running the risk of having your page shut down.

I ran that risk in my early Facebook page days without knowing the guidelines, but I won’t risk it again. Fluffy Button may only have a small number of page fans, but I don’t want to risk losing all of those fans by being too lazy to do the right thing. I spent a good 3 hours putting together the App for the Mother’s Day Idol competition, but I think it was worth it. I’m not using anyone elses brand to build the app either, it’s “hand rolled”. More work for sure, but it beats seeing a “built using XYZ brand page building app” plastered all over the place.

If you are thinking of running a competition on your page, you should think twice before throwing up a post and asking for likes or shares. Is it worth risking your page being shut down?

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Photo for baby passport Ireland


Now offering an online baby passport photo service in Ireland. Taking a baby to a location to have a photograph taken can be a frustrating experience. Baby may not be awake when you arrive, or the photographs just don’t work out.

With our online service, you take the photo at home and we then size, colour balance and adjust the photo to ensure it meets the requirements of the passport office.

Full details on the photo for baby passport service here.

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QR Code Valentine Card


Just added this QR Code Valentine card to the store last night. We’ve all seen these weird looking codes in newspapers, posters and on product labels. Basically, they are just the same as regular barcodes and contain embedded information.

In this case of this Valentine card, a message can be embedded in the code so that when the person receiving the card scans the code, it will display the message on their phone.

The QR Code above has the messsage “Happy Valentines” in the code. It is a digital download product costing only €2.95. When printed out, we are recommending you go to a craft shop and buy a blank white card and then embellish it with various love related decorations, with the QR code design as the centerpiece.

Doing something like this shows more thought and imagination than a card just picked up off a shelf.

Order the QR Code Valentine Card here.

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Wedding Tree Guest Book for your guests to sign


A wedding tree guest book is a wonderful alternative to the usual guestbook which gets shoved in a drawer somewhere and never seen again.

Your wedding tree guest book is printed on heavyweight art paper at a size of 20×24 inches and can fit 140 signatures on the leaves, and plenty more space for signatures around the tree.

Click here for further details and pricing on the wedding tree guest book from Fluffy Button.

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Birthday Autograph Poster


Know anyone with a milestone birthday coming up. Do let them know about our Birthday Autograph posters. Printed as a large 16X24 inch poster for party guests to sign their name. A really nice keepsake to have.

Birthday Autograph Poster can be ordered here.

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Banksy style personalised poster


Banksy style personalised poster.

Just added another Valentine’s Day gift idea to the store. This one is in the style of the famous Banksy.

Only €16 + €3.95 p&p anywhere in the world. Putting it online in time for Feb 14th but a nice gift for any special event in a couple’s life.

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